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Bottrading Guide



COIN BOOST creates trading strategies and signals for the crypto market. Effective indicators identify values and patterns that are traded algorithmically. To automate the trading, we use the Cryptohopper trading Bot. The Bot connects to your exchange and scans the market 24 hours a day to open or close positions. On this website you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up and manage the Bot. Let's take a look at what we need to get started.


You need a good crypto exchange like Binance. It is the largest crypto exchange and offers the possibility to trade many cryptocurrencies. This is important to trade a wide range of coins. To connect the Bot to the exchange via the API, your account must be KYC "know your customer" verified on Binance. Register with the following link and benefit from 10% trading fee reduction. Bottrading involves multiple trades per day. A discount on these trading fees is worth it. Look that are always a little BNB on your Binance Wallet. This way you will additionally benefit from a reduction in trading fees.

binance exchange discount


Open an account on Cryptohopper. It is a cryptocurrency trading bot that simplifies crypto trading and allows traders of all experience levels to get the most out of their trading. Cryptohopper is one of the leading crypto trading Bots. More about Cryptohopper with the link below. Happy Hopping!




Set up the bot with COIN BOOST trading products. For optimal automated trading, your Cryptohopper needs the COIN BOOST TEMPLATE, one of the three Strategies (BEARMARKET, GOLDEN MEAN or BULLMARKET) and as a supplement the COIN BOOST SIGNALS. You can find the offer on the Cryptohopper Marketplace or go directly to the products via the link below. You can find the exact settings of the TEMPLATE HERE




Last but not least

If you need help getting set up, you can find answers to many questions on Cryptohopper's website.



If a question remains unanswered, the Cryptohopper live support chat is highly recommended! The support team usually answers immediately and is happy to help you. 

If you have any questions about your COIN BOOST settings, share them with the community in the Telegram Chat. Most of the time someone has a quick solution ready!

If that doesn't help either, please contact COIN BOOST in German or English language.



In order to achieve optimal performance in Bot trading, it is important to set the template correctly. The Template is based on DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) trading and therefore works without stop loss. With DCA, the entry price is redefined by re-buying when prices are falling, and is therefore faster in profit when prices rise again. If you are logged in to Cryptohopper, you can set up the COIN BOOST TEMPLATE under Config > Baseconfig. All the values used in the Template are recommendations and matched to the COIN BOOST products. if you are a pro you can also use your own values that have been proven to work.


Strategies & Signals
Select a Strategy in your Template (Config > Baseconfig > Strategy) and complete it with the Signals (Config > Signals). To get started and to get a first impression, the GOLDEN MEAN STRATEGY in combination with the COIN BOOST SIGNALS is recommended. When you first time subscribe Strategies or Signals, use them for several days to see how they trade! Bottrading on the crypto market works best over several months. Click on the Strategy or Signals to read the description in the Overview.



Coin List

To start trading on Cryptohopper, Coins from the top 100 by market capitalization are suitable. You are of course welcome to expand or change these.

Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, DAI etc. are not suitable for trading.


Coin List of the SIGNALS
Take a look at the COIN BOOST SIGNALS under "Performance Reports" to stay up to date. 
You can see how the various Coins with the Signal are performing on the exchanges.


performance reports.JPG

Join our Telegram chat and share your ideas, tips and tricks with others
. Support other members with their questions and expand your knowledge. Together we can achieve more. Also in the crypto space many ways lead to Rome... or to the moon ;-) There is an respectful and tolerant tone in the chat. The language in the Telegram chat is German. Since many users are multilingual, you will also get an answer in English. Enjoy the exchange and have fun chatting!

Support & Chat


Trading Live Ticker
On Twitter there is a trading live ticker from COIN BOOST. You can view this as a trade history but also see which coin is currently being traded. For news in the Cryptospace, follow PJ Rocket from COIN BOOST on Twitter. 

Crypto News

Trading Live Ticker


Top 20 Cryptocurrencies by market cap & Top 10 winners / 10 losers Coins

To have a solid trading experience, it is important to know the following. All information provided here does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation to buy. What you do with your investments is your responsibility. Educate yourself in advance on what cryptocurrencies are, how trading works, and how automated trading robots work. All content provided on our website, linked websites, social media accounts and other platforms is for your general information only. We make no warranties of any kind with respect to our content and services. Your use of our content and services is solely at your own risk and discretion. Trading is a high-risk activity that can result in large losses. No content on our website should be construed as solicitation. COIN BOOST assumes no responsibility for results or consequences.


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